Anything in your life worth its weight in gold requires attention, maintenance, and loving care.


    Just so, your marriage deserves nothing less.


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    From healthy and happy couples

    to distressed and struggling couples;

    from those celebrating paper anniversaries to those celebrating golden anniversaries.


    Whoever you are and wherever you are...


    The healthier and stronger you can make your marriage, the healthier and stronger your overall life can be.

  • The Marriage Checkup

    Based upon the work of Dr. James Cordova, the Marriage Checkup is a two-session marital informational service offered to couples who would like to find out more about the health of their marriage and whether their relationship is troubled by any common problems.


    And it's not part of any treatment or therapy program. No commitment to long-term therapy is required. It's up to you to decide what, if anything, to do with the feedback you receive.

  • The Marriage Checkup Structure

    A thorough assessment...in 3 steps


    Discovering genuine insights

    After you touch base with your clinician, you'll receive access to a questionnaire that assesses the strengths and concerns of your relationship. This is used to guide discussion when you meet for your first session.


    Painting the picture.

    A 2 on 1 meeting with the clinician for 50 minutes to talk about your relationship history (or how the past year has been), your relationship strengths and struggles, and what you desire and hope your relationship can be.



    Cultivating a future.

    Two weeks later, you'll meet with the clinician for 50 minutes where you'll be provided with personal feedback about your relationship. You'll leave feeling closer to each other and motivated to take good care of your relationship.


  • How much does the Marriage Checkup cost?


    There are many things in life that we have to preserve, attend to, and maintain.

    From home and car maintenance, to health and dental care, to personal hobbies and hygiene--

    an investment now can prevent problems later.


    The same is true for relationship health. Intervening too late can be costly.

    Consider the following:

    6 years

    Average amount of time couples live with significant relationship issues before they decide to seek help. (Gottman, 1999)


    Percentage of clients who cite relationship difficulties as responsible for personal mental health problems.

    (Berger & Hannah, 1999)

    10 to 25x greater

    Risk of experiencing a major depressive episode for individuals experiencing significant relationship distress (Baucom, Shoham, Mueser, Dauito & Stickle, 1998, Weissman, 1987, Whisman, 2007))

  • The costs of relationship distress are unsettling.


    For this reason, the Marriage Checkup is intended to be easily accessible and affordable for all couples.

    For the rate of a home or car maintenance project, a round of golf, an evening out, a ticket to a sports event, musical, or theater performance, hair appointment, new clothes, gadgets, and more.


    An annual Marriage Checkup is a small investment of time and money for long-term benefits!

    75 dollars per session

    Includes: access to questionnaire for you and your partner, one (1) conjoint confidential 50-minute session with a licensed counselor, one (1) conjoint 50-minute feedback session PLUS feedback report that you can take with you,

    plus on-going support and encouragement throughout the year.


    * Total cost of Marriage Checkup is 150 dollars ( 75 assessment session + 75 feedback session)

    Fee valid as of 6/10/18; Fee subject to change at any time

  • Marriage Checkup FAQ

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    What's the importance of attending to my relationship?

    Strengthen today what you might need tomorrow

    Relationship health--like our physical health--requires attention and maintenance. Health screenings and dental check-ups, for example, can identify and treat potential issues or conditions before they become more serious problems later on. Relationship aren't immune from serious problems--so taking the time now to learn about the health of your relationship--the strengths and areas of growth--can pay off big time.

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    What if we don't need "couples therapy"?

    The Marriage Checkup is still for you!

    The purpose of the Marriage Checkup is not therapeutic; nor is it part of any therapy or treatment plan. It is simply an informational health screening that is aimed at helping couples utilize their strengths and skills to help maintain the health, quality, and stability of their relationship. It's confidential nature assures your privacy and the facilitation of the checkup by a licensed professional assures that public health, safety, and/or welfare is ensured.

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    How could talking about my relationship possibly be "interesting and fun?"

    Who says it can't!

    Some of the most popular games today simply consist of asking and answering open-ended questions. Part of the Marriage Checkup consists of asking and answering open-ended questions about your relationship where you will learn new things about your partner. This new knowledge may make you smile. It may make you laugh. But most importantly, it's the key that opens up your world to each another.

    How effective is this screening?

    A positive step in the right direction is always a step forward

    On-going studies regarding the effectiveness of the Marriage Checkup continue to be published. One major benefit of the Marriage Checkup is that it provides an annual service where partners can deliberately and actively give attention to their relationship health. We tend to amplify the things we give attention to. Brief, focused, and timely attention to our relationship in the form of the Marriage Checkup can usher in long-lasting and positive effects to our life.

    Seventy-five dollars per session sounds like too much. Is that a fair rate?

    Depending upon where you live in the country, therapy sessions with a counselor can cost anywhere from $75 to even $250 a session. Over time, it can be a serious investment of time, money, and energy. I believe that 75 is a fair amount because as an annual checkup (not a regular therapy session), you only meet twice over the course of 52 weeks. If you were to save up for this service, that comes to just over 25 cents a day!

  • Your Facilitator

    Mike Wilkes

    Supporter of your Relationship

    Counselor. Therapist.


    Here to make your relationship stronger and healthier.


    The way I see it: Two sessions. Once a year. Numberless benefits.


    Please fill out the following information and let's get started!

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